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Cedar Barrel

The Cedar Barrel is a unique reservoir that was invented back in ancient times. In its effects, it has no analogues, and therefore, it is actively used by the population for the treatment of various diseases.

Phyto-sauna has a multifaceted effect on the entire body, because when using it the whole body is in contact with the healing steam, with the exception of the head.

Phyto-sauna is a type of phyto-therapy, and with the proper use of phyto-barrels, you can recover from a large number of diseases, improve body tone and rejuvenate, not to mention the fact that with its help you can forget about such conditions as fatigue, depression and nervous tension.


Indications for the use of Cedar Barrel:

A phyto-barrel can be used in two directions – as a therapeutic agent and as a general healing procedure. The list of indications for treatment is huge and it includes the following diseases:

  • All types of pathology of muscles, joints, ligaments, spinal column of the acute stage or in the recovery period;
  • Chronic rheumatoid arthritis without exacerbation;
  • Dermatitis, diathesis, eczema, psoriasis in remission;
  • Prevention of colds and bronchopulmonary diseases, as well as the period of recovery from these diseases;
  • Impaired peripheral circulation, hypertension (up to stage II, inclusive), hypotension;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys;
  • Urogenital pathology – prostatitis, impotence, weakening of erection, urethritis, cystitis;
  • Obesity, cellulite;
  • Neuroendocrine diseases;
  • Severe menopause in men and women;
  • Adolescent functional disorders caused by puberty;
  • Neurosis in children and adults, chronic insomnia;
  • Increased excitability, depressive syndrome;
  • Vegetative vascular dystonia;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Decreased immunity;
  • Recovery from injuries and fractures.

In addition, sessions in the phyto-barrel help to rejuvenate the skin, restore its tone, plasticity and elasticity, recover from strong physical or mental stress, and clean the body of harmful substances. As a preventive measure, a phyto-barrel can be used to prevent neurological and cardiovascular pathologies, osteochondrosis, gout, and many other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The procedure is allowed to be carried out both for children over 5 years old and for adults of any age with no contraindications.


Counterindication for the use of the Cedar Barrel:

Despite the undeniable benefits of phyto-sessions in the barrel, before the first procedure, it is recommended to visit a doctor to identify possible contraindications. Otherwise, instead of the expected health benefits, you can significantly worsen the condition of your body. In the presence of the following diseases and conditions, carrying out sessions in the phyto-barrel should be postponed for some time or abandoned at all: any neoplasms, especially malignant ones; increased body temperature (more than 37.5°C); inflammatory diseases in the acute stage; emmenia or bleeding of any localization; tuberculosis of the lungs or other organs; cirrhosis of the liver; deep vein inflammation; skin diseases in the acute stage; hypertension above stage II; heart rhythm disorders; condition after a recent stroke, heart attack; pregnancy and lactation.

Among the modern SPA procedures aimed at harmonizing the appearance, the sessions in the phyto-barrel take one of the leading positions. And this is absolutely true, because the many-sided effect of the procedure, combined with the beneficial effects of herbs and increased perspiration, it helps to reduce weight and get rid of cellulite very effectively. To achieve a stable result, it is desirable to use several methods for losing weight at the same time. For example, eat diet food, perform a set of physical exercises, and once every 2 days visit a phyto-sauna. In this case, losing weight will be much faster. Before the procedure, it is not recommended to take any food, but if you are very tormented by hunger, you can eat a light salad or a small portion of sugar-free cottage cheese. While doing an easy exercise or a little work out in the gym is even very welcome. Exercise will warm up and prepare the body for phyto-sauna. Immediately before entering the phyto-barrel you need to wash yourself under a warm shower with soap and then thoroughly dry the body with a soft towel. As the main active substance that is added to the water for the steam generator, one should choose such herbs or oils that will accelerate the metabolism, normalize hormones, tighten the skin and provide it with elasticity. And it is also desirable to add a component that would eliminate depression and improve mood. After all, a decrease in the emotional background is a fairly frequent satellite of people struggling with the excess weight.

During this procedure, the body will actively lose water and clean cells from the accumulated wastes and toxins. Clean skin breathes better, and, therefore, metabolism speeds up, fat cells break down faster, and the process of losing weight goes faster. Sitting in a phyto-barrel for more than 20 minutes is undesirable, since the body may not cope with increased heat load and increased perspiration. Therefore, after this time elapsed, you need to end the session. After that, it is recommended to drink a cup or two of green or herbal tea, for example, with chamomile or oregano. Do not be afraid to drink liquid after phyto-sauna, because the body needs it to complete the work of all organs and systems. The main effect of weight loss occurs mainly not due to the loss of fluid, but due to enhanced fat burning, excretion of toxins and activating metabolism. In addition, you should not wipe the body after the procedure. If it is very wet, you can slightly blot it with a towel, and nothing else. The fact is that the substances for which oils and herbs were used continue to act on the skin cells for about 20 minutes. If you wipe dry the body, and even more, rinse under a shower, the effect of herbal collections will stop, and the efficiency of phyto-sauna will be much lower. 30 minutes after the procedure you can go to the shower and rinse the body with warm water without soap. Next, it is recommended to lie down for half an hour or to make massage of the problem areas with aroma oil. And one more thing, during the whole course you should not take alcohol and cold drinks, as well as take a cold shower after phyto-sauna. All this blocks the release of sweat and dramatically weakens the effectiveness of phyto-barrels.

You can learn more about this procedure from our specialists in our SPA Center. Be healthy!