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Conference Hall

Conference Facilities

Marco Polo – is a unique hotel in the south of Kyrgyzstan Issyk Kul with two conference halls VIP class, rent a conference room in which the cost is relatively inexpensive. Hotel Congress Center has two halls equipped with professional equipment and air-conditioning system.

For large-scale celebrations, the hotel has a large hall “Europe”, accommodating up to 160 people, you can rent.

Malenkiys room “Asia” with a capacity of 50-60 people is optimal for all kinds of business events: strict business interior and thoughtful technical equipment will ensure the creation of a work environment.


Rent Conference Hall

You can rent a conference room in the hotel for any business chamber events: Hall “Europe” and “Asia” allow management meetings, high-level meetings, round tables, etc. events with a maximum level of comfort.

In the arsenal of the center has a professional sound equipment, sound reinforcement system, video presentation and television technology, equipment for simultaneous interpretation and other conference activities.


Name Price
Conference hall “Europe” in the 100 – 150 people on 1 day $200
Conference room “Asia” on 50 – 60 people on 1 day $150
Equipment for sign language interpretation for 1 working day $100
Projector for 1 working day $40
Sliding screen for 1 working day $5
TV for 1 working day $10
Receiving a fax 1 sheet $0.2
Making photocopies for 1 sheet (with paper) $0.2
Rent for 1 day: computer, laptop $11
One set of radio microphones for 1 working day $5
The room under office on 1 day $45
Services «Wi Fi» (without cable internet) per day $25
Coffee break standard (canapes, pastries and coffee, tea) for 1 person $6