Boz-Beshik village, Issyk-Kul oblast,


For the prevention and treatment of various diseases, people from ancient times used natural resources. The special wealth of Kyrgyzstan is the resort riches of the Issyk-Kul Lake. Today, guests at Marco Polo Hotel are offered with prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, allergic and skin diseases, hydrotherapy, therapeutic mineral and silica water baths, steam inhalations, electro and iontophoresis, mud therapy, as well as programs for body shaping and weight loss.

Procedures are being appointed according to the results of a medical consultation. Guests are welcome to have a sanatorium and health resort card form with them.

Even the most short-term rest in our hotel, combined with treatment, returns performance, relieves fatigue and prevents the development of many diseases!

Price List

Health-Improving Practices Min. Price (KGS)
General mud wrapping 60 900
Children mud wrapping 60 500
Mud wrapping in the form of "trousers" 60 550
Mud wrapping in the form of "jacket" 60 500
Mud wrapping of the neck and collar zone 60 300
Mud wrapping in the form of "shorts" 60 400
Mud wrapping of the lumbar spine 60 400
Mud wrapping of the epigastric region 60 400
Cedar barrel with medicinal phyto-steam ( articulate, general strengthening, children, branchial, saline) 40 500
Medicinal bath with silica water 40 400
Medicinal bath with silica water and phyto-repertory 40 500
Pressure therapy for lower extremities 30 400
Pressure therapy for upper extremities 30 500
Pressure therapy for lumbar spine 30 400
Electrophoresis with Caripazim for the treatment and preventive treatment of spinal disc herniations 30 550
Electrophoresis with euphylline and dexamethasone for the treatment and preventive treatment of asthmatic diseases 30 250
Ionophoresis with silica water 30 200
Children steam inhalation with silica water 10 100
Steam inhalation with mineral water and sea salt 10 150
Steam inhalation with silica water and sea salt 15 150
Inhalation with Dekasan 10 150
Steam inhalation with euphylline and dexamethasone 15 200
Salt Mine
Trial procedure 20 100
First procedure 40 250
Staying in salt mine 60 350
Staying in salt mine 120 500
Medical and preventive complex comprises developments of Doctor Bubnovsky and Burdenko Hospital
Exercise therapy in the pool (silica water), from 06-00 to 06-30 per one practice 30 150
Exercise therapy in the gym hall with instructor, from 06-45 to 07-20 30 150
Asthmatic/ allergenic complex Steam inhalation with mineral water, ionophoresis, salt mine (price for three days) 30 1500
Rheumatological complex Mud applications of partial use, electrophoresis, pressure therapy with partial massage (price for three days) 30 2500
General strengthening complex Steam inhalation with mineral complex, Cedar barrel (price for three days) 30 1200
Subscription from three days and up to five per each practice is 130 KG soms
Subscription from five days and more per each practice (session) is 100 KG soms