Boz-Beshik village, Issyk-Kul oblast,

Salt Mine

Specialty from Marco Polo Hotel — Salt Mine with the use of Kochkor salt!

The salt mine is a specially equipped room. Walls, a ceiling, and also all interior decorations are covered with salt blocks. This design has an impact on the formation of the internal microclimate, in which the release of calcium ions, iodine, as well as sodium and other elements takes place. The intensity of these processes is significantly higher than in nature, due to the ionizer. Such rooms are used for therapeutic purposes. The person in them breathes in the air, saturated with useful microelements and recovers.

Here patients with bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory organs, with allergic problems, diseases of the nervous system can undergo treatment. The rare combination of such natural factors as the high mountains and increased concentration of aeroions in speleo-mine, give a powerful impetus to the inclusion of the most complex compensatory mechanisms.

In the salt mine, activation of the production of human own hormones occurs, which provides anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects; normal immune status of a person. The fact of the stability of the microclimate of underground chambers, the complete absence of pollen allergens, and the almost sterility of air (3-5 microbes per 1 cubic meter) are also unique.

The air temperature is 8-10 degrees Celsius above zero. High salt ionization is registered in the salt mine – up to 4,000–5,000 light negative ions and 2,200–3,000 positive aeroions. Gamma background does not exceed the level on the earth surface.

The effectiveness of atopic forms of bronchial asthma treatment reaches 92%, and in case of an infectious-dependent form it is 67-68%.


INDICATIONS: bronchial asthma (allergic/ atopic form, infectious-dependent form, aspirin form), pneumonia, bronchitis (chronic, with obstruction, with asthmatoid component), rhinitis (vasomotor, allergic), skin diseases (allergic dermatitis, allergic urticaria), neurasthenia.


COUNTERINDICATIONS: tuberculosis (any form), nephritis, glomerulonephritis, oncological diseases, pregnancy, brucellosis, rheumatism (rheumatic heart disease, polyarthritis), diabetes mellitus, age over 65 years old, varicose veins of 2-3 degrees, cold allergy, and hypertension of 2-3 degrees.


The main therapeutic effect of such procedures is expressed in the stimulation of metabolism (metabolic processes), due to which all toxic elements are actively eliminated from the body, being replaced by natural ions of natural origin.



When getting into the salt cave, person breathes with a high concentration of salts and aeroions, respectively, the surrounding air contains almost no dust particles, bacteria, and possible allergens. That is why the main indication for such treatment is bronchial asthma. However, you can visit the speleo-chamber not only for medical reasons. Such sessions will be beneficial for the perfectly healthy people as well, they will help improve sleeping and reduce the level of irritability.

Staying in a salt cave eliminates the state of stress and fatigue, raises the overall tone of the body. These procedures remarkably increase the activity of the immune system, restore the acid-base balance, and increase the hemoglobin content in the blood. In addition, speleo-therapy is considered a wonderful prevention of any cold diseases!