Boz-Beshik village, Issyk-Kul oblast,

Fat-Loss Program

Slim and fit figure is a dream of every woman! In the race for the desired parameters, we are ready to exhaust the body with endless diets, to train hard, and someone even turns to plastic surgeons for help. But there is another option, which is easy and safe.

Marco Polo Hotel carries out effective procedures aimed at body shaping: anti-cellulite, manual massage of different types, wrapping, fitness training, weight and body volume loss programs, as well as the restoration of skin tone and its elasticity. If you want to achieve your goal, then an integrated approach is the most effective one. Therefore, our specialists have developed special active programs for weight loss, body shaping and problem areas, and we are always ready to create for you an individual body correction course tailored to your needs and indications.


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