Boz-Beshik village, Issyk-Kul oblast,

SPA Saloon

Marco Polo Hotel is one of the best representatives of health and medical complexes on the lake of Issyk-Kul. It has its own closed territory, immersed in greenery, its own beach and a wide infrastructure for rest and recreation. For a comfortable accommodation of guests, the hotel has two comfortable three-story dormitories, with modern rooms of various levels of comfort, as well as cottages and townhouses.

The basis of Marco Polo Resort service is represented with the following unique natural healing factors: therapeutic mud, silica-fluorine mineral water, mountain-sea climate, warm southern sun, sandy beaches, attentive and hospitable staff.

Marco Polo Hotel offers you services in the organization of recreation with therapeutic and health procedures, both for organized groups and individual tourists. Duration of the tour is from 7 to 14 days.

We will help you to minimize the cost of rest and make it as comfortable and high-quality as possible.


Tourist Package Program includes as follows:

  • A complex of medical and health procedures;
  • Transfer (airport “Manas” – Marco Polo Hotel / Marco Polo Hotel – “Manas” Airport);
  • Accommodation in comfortable rooms with three meals a day;
  • Sightseeing tours.


At your service are a set of procedures that you can choose on your own, or on the recommendation of your doctor.


Asthmatic and Allergenic Complex:
  1. Salt mine with Kochkor salt (due to inhalation of trace elements contained in the salt: zinc, selenium, strontium, silicon, cleaning and metabolic processes in the lungs and bronchi are accelerated, which leads to the removal of toxins and the removal of respiratory smooth muscle spasm);
  2. Iontophoresis – affects the electromagnetic field of metabolic processes when applying electrodes on the skin receptors of the respiratory organs, which leads to regeneration and restoration of the body respiratory processes;
  3. Steam inhalations on the basis of silica water, along with the addition of sea salt and trace elements.


Rheumatological Complex:
  1. Mineral baths based on silica water with the addition of sea salt and herbal complex for the treatment of joint problems. Prevention of ligaments and activation of metabolic and regenerative problems within the bone and joint systems;
  2. Partial mud application is aimed at improving the metabolic processes of a certain area of slagging and saturation with microelements and biologically active substances, natural harmonies of “identical human” and mineral complexes;
  3. Electrophoresis with the use of medicinal substances (caripazim is papaya extract aimed at improving the state of cartilage tissue and its restoration);
  4. Exercise therapy complex – is for the prevention and treatment of problems of the musculoskeletal system, prevention of arthritis, arthrosis, elimination of the post-traumatic syndrome (according to the Bubnovsky method and developments of Burdenko hospital).


General Strengthening Complex:
  1. Steam inhalation based on silica water with the addition of sea salt for the prevention and elimination of asthmatic syndrome and allergic spasm of the respiratory system
  2. Electrophoresis or iontophoresis using silica water or dexomethasone or euphilin
  3. Silica pool and silica baths or cedar barrel with herbs

General restorative complex can be used both for children and adults.

Feel the peace and discover harmony of body and soul with our SPA-Center!

Price List

Cosmetological Services Min. Price (KGS)
Face Cleansing, with the use of professional beauty care products of Israeli brands (Christina, Renew) 60 1500
Face Cleansing, reduced impact cleansing with the use of professional beauty care products (Christina, Renew) 60 1200
Rejuvenating cleansing with anti-age complex with the use of professional beauty care products (Christina, Renew) 60 2500
Medical face cleansing with the use of light peeling ( Christina, Renew) 60 1800
Face Cleansing, reduced impact cleansing with the use of cosmeceutics of Tiande brand 60 1000
Medical Face Cleansing with the use of cosmeceutics of Tiande brand 60 1200
Face Cleansing with the use of cosmeceutics of Tiande brand (application of rejuvenating complex) 60 1500
Face massage with the use of professional serum with lifting mask; process consists of 5 stages (aimed at cleansing and rejuvenation) (Christina, Renew) 60 1000
Lifting Face Massage (Christina, Renew) 60 850
Collagen Face SPA 60 1000
Face SPA, science based youth, with the use of placenta complex 60 1000
Tibetan rejuvenating complex on the basis of cordyceps 60 1000
SPA complex “no more wrinkles” based on creams of Botoluxe series 60 1500
Myorelaxing massage with the use of cream mask 60 850
Facial contours correction with the use of collagen gel and microcurrent 60 650
Brightening complex, with the use of cosmeceutics of Tiande brand 60 850
Face ionophoresis with the use of collagen mask 60 850
Body scrub with moisturizing, anticellulite effect 60 800
Body scrub with application of mask 60 950
Cedar barrel with scrub 60 1000
Cedar barrel with problem areas wrapping 60 1000
Cedar barrel, scrub mask for the whole body, problem areas 60 1500
Cedar barrel with phyto-complex and medicinal tea 60 400
Hydromassage bath with anticellulite complex and anticellulite cream application 60 950
Relaxing hydromassage bath with moisturizing cream application 60 950
Hydromassage bath with phyto-complex 60 500
Lifting mask for the whole body with hydromassage bath and moisturizing cream application 60 1200
Myo-stimulation with the use of Lipo-cream 60 650
Myo-stimulation with the use of correcting cream 60 650
Relaxing body SPA 60 1500
Anticellulite body SPA 60 1500
Contrast “Fire and Ice” SPA 60 1500
Rejuvenating body SPA 60 1500
Fire Massage 60 1500
Sauna per 4 persons (PIER) Sauna with mineral water per 4 persons 60 1200